About the Artists

Lisa and Thomas M are the proud owners of Dust Wind Tales. Lisa and Thomas have a fond appreciation for everything the desert has to offer, especially the dust and the wind. Their art tells the story of the desert. The dust and the wind in the desert are what uniquely shapes each object that Lisa and Thomas use in their artwork.

Thomas and Lisa originally spent much more time on the Las Vegas Strip than they did enjoying the Mojave Desert. However, over time their love of the lights and nightlife of Las Vegas declined and they turned to the desert to spend their free time. It was then that Lisa and Thomas found their true love for the desert, replacing the colors of the strip with the colors they bring to life in the artwork they create. Lisa and Thomas relocated from the strip and settled on the outskirts of the desert which allowed them to spend more and more time learning about the desert and all it has to offer. And while they do still enjoy the occasional online gambling, especially since the likes of Casumo and LeoVegas are far less noisy and obnoxious when compared to Vegas, most of their time is spent in the desert collecting the perfect objects to use in their next piece. When they are not creating art, you can find them spending time with friends and family or traveling around the country exploring new places.

They hope by sharing their art with others that they will also learn to love all that the desert has to offer. Through their artwork Lisa and Thomas are proud to tell the tales of the dust and wind in the desert. If you would like to learn more about the tales of the desert please feel free to reach out to Lisa and Thomas for additional information.