A special request

Sometimes we accept special requests, even though we do not like to do this too often. It takes away from our freedom. But this assignment was such a challenge that we couldn’t resist. The project was to create a piece that visualized. Obviously the request came from an online casino that wanted to promote its newest casino promotion. A great thing about it is that it had never been done before. Well the bonus had, but not the visualisation of it. And that is something that appealed to us and made us accept this request and the challenge that came with it. In Thailand there are many online casinos that offer bonuses and other incentives to customers. One of the biggest ones is Happy Luke. Be sure to check it out in Thai on เว็บรีวิวHappyLukeคาสิโนอย่างละเอียด.

Getting to know the casino

The first thing we needed to do was get to know the casino. We started by the name, which was Real Casino. Was this chosen because the casino was so real and honest, or did it have something to do with the Brazilian currency, Real Madrid or something royal? We decided to not ask the casino, but to figure it out ourselves. Upon entering the casino, the answer came straight to us as the casino was filled with crowns and calling itself real every chance it got.

The games reveal the target audience

When it comes to online casinos, you can learn a lot just by looking at the games. For example, if they offer a lot of fruit machines by providers like Amatic, that means the casino has somewhat of an older audience. These casino players long back to the old days and prefer to continue the same casino games they always did. If it offers a lot of flashy video slots by NetEnt or great jackpot games by Microgaming, the audience is probably a bit younger. It’s obvious because these casino players usually go for a big win. When there is a focus on live casino games, the casino aims to reach an audience that is more social. Real Casino was keeping it really real with a clear focus on fruit machines, which also explains why they hired us.

Casino customer support

A casino can claim everything it wants and present you its terms and conditions on a silver platter, but it is at the customer support level where you can test if the casino can back these claims up. Of course we had to test this casino and while doing so, we contacted support for every little issue we ran into. The smaller the better. However, these casino employees were always ready and willing to help. Even if we had already contacted them 3 times before during the same day. This casino was keeping it real when it came to casino player support.

Creating a casino work

Now that we had gathered all the information necessary, we needed to actually do the work the casino had asked us to do. The main words of inspiration were; casino, real and support. In order to achieve an association with these terms in relation with the casino, we used red as a base colour. Deep red actually, as it represents realness. In the middle we drew an abstract slot machine reel, with behind it a casino support employee with a headset on. All types of fruit were floating around to finish the work. We were quite happy about the end result and curious about what the casino would say.

The customer opinion

Real Casino loved our work, except for one thing. The casino support employee we had created was a blonde woman. There was not a big problem, it’s just that the casino wanted to show that it was inclusive of all races and genders. Which is why it has asked us to add more casino support employees from other races. And if we might modestly say, this comment from Real Casino has turned our piece into our best one yet. Especially in this day and age.